The Approach

buy cytotec online canada To be your partner and help you determine if exporting should be a part of your overall strategic plan. Whether you are trying to diversify your customer base or if you have already had inquiries from other countries, Jacqui Torcellini wants to make sure international expansion is appropriate for your business and help you create a plan for success!

Exporting is business expansion and Jacqui can help determine if you are ready to expand internationally. Understanding how exporting impacts your business is the first step in determining if it the appropriate next step for your business. There are important questions to ask and decisions to be made, she is here to guide you through the process and provide you with a foundation for success.

How does she do this? Firstly, by assessing the feasibility of exporting your good or service.  Secondly, by understanding the current stage of your business, your available resources and commitment to support the integration of exporting into your business. Jacqui can assist you in deciding whether your business is ready to include international expansion into its’ strategic plan and help you to be successful.

Jacqui will meet with you and take the time to fully understand your industry, business model and ideal customer. Armed with this information she will identify the best market to launch your efforts and design a complete international business plan for you. Additionally assisting you with setting goals, timelines and implementation. Jacqui will work directly with you and your team to facilitate the formulation and implementation of protocols and processes for success.

where to buy Pregabalin uk If you are currently exporting and interested in expanding into new markets:

It is important to review your current export strategy to ensure you are moving in the right direction. Jacqui will review and provide guidance on your current export activities including intellectual property considerations, product classification, compliance programs and market identification and entry strategies to name a few. Let me be your partner and help guide you, while taking the lead on implementing the strategy with your team!

Her Story

Jacqueline Torcellini, Principal of Global Growth Strategies, L.L.C. has been assisting U.S. companies with export/import solutions for years. She has helped hundreds of businesses determine export readiness and launch into new markets. Additionally, she has helped  assess the U.S. market for companies looking to import.

Having worked as an International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Connecticut Small Business Development Center, she developed a New To Export Trade Program which pulled together best practices from all over the country. She is knowledgeable about the various state and federal resources available to exporters and will leverage these connections to provide you with an efficient and effective use of your time and resources!

In 2016, Jacqui received the Advancing International Trade Award by NASBITE International, for her success in helping companies to expand internationally.

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline Torcellini, CGBP


Next Steps…

Let Jacqui help you find your next customer! Please complete the contact information form or send an email to me at Jacqui@GlobalGrowthStrategies.net to set up a time to discuss international opportunities!